Shuukan Soine CD iPhone app updated to 2.0 (Midorikawa Hikaru’s voice added!)

The newest update adds Shuukan Soine CD Series vol. 12’s Satoru 聡, featuring Midorikawa Hikaru’s voice ^_^

Have him whisper sweet nothings in your ear + kisses (provided you are wearing your headphones, or earphones)…
What?  You want more than that?  Then the CD version has even more *oh my goodness, don’t let your bf or hubby listen* type of kisses-voices, yup yup.

Go update your iPhone/iPad/iPodTouch >o< /

[more later, sorry, I’ve been extremely busy lately]


Shuukan Soine CD iPhone app updated to v.1.9 (Fukuyama Jun, anyone?) and “Love me I’m your Pet Darling has an app now too :D

Shuukan Soine CD iPhone app’s newest update adds vol. 11 Touma (CV. Fukuyama Jun)!!  What are you waiting for?  Go update/download 😀
The app has the on/off switch that you can set to see the English sub or not.
For those longing to see Japanese (language), you would have to set your iPhone language setting in Japanese of course.
Oh!  Don’t forget to rate the app 5 stars!! xD

<<Pix later>>

AND!  For those who love the “Love me, I’m your Darling Pet (Pet darling)”, there’s an app for it 😀
[ahaha!  that sounded like an Apple iOS ad]

This first in the series is Okumura Kouhei (CV. Morikawa Toshiyuki)
Go ahead, transform into a birdie, and listen to what your killer-voiced petomastah has to say to you 😀

<<Pix later>>

Hold your breath, introducing your Shuukan Soine CD NBF…

雅弥(まさや)[CV.  森川智之 (Morikawa Toshiyuki)

It’s be released on May 25, 2012 as Shuukan Soine CD Special character.

Start pre-drooling, I mean pre-ordering your CD now.  Again, the 1st pressing includes the Seiyuu’s freetalk.

(more info later. I still owe you some CD translations (T-T)

Shuukan Soine CD iPhone app updated to v.1.8 (now with English subtitle!!)

Hey girls!!  (and boys, if any)

Shuukan Soine CD iPhone app got updated!  Besides the vol. 10 Yuki (CV. Inoue Kazuhiko) being added, the dev added the English subtitle feature!!!  And, to my wishful request, the on/off switch!   (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))


Again, if you 2X the app on iPad, it’ll still look very nice.  i don’t think the images are Retina-ized, but they still look pretty good.


P.S.  To the Android fans:  yes, the Android version of the app is in the works ^_^

Shuukan Soine CD iPhone app updated to v.1.7

vol.9:  隆弘 Takahiro (CV. 森田成一 Morita Masakazu) added!  ^o^ /

Any BLEACH’s Ichigo fans?  Tiger&Bunny’s Bunny-chan Barnaby Brooks Jr. fans? etc etc?  Here’s your new boyfriend!  ;-p

Oh, yeah.  Apple also updated the iOS to 5.1 today.
Those of you with AT&T will notice that it’s no longer 3G next to it, it’s 4G 🙂

Here’s my page #11 (yes, I have lots of apps) dedicated solely to the ShuukanSoineCD app, eheheheh!

Good news!!! (re: Shuukan Soine CD series App)

Dear girl fans (and boy fans, if any),

The developer just told me that the app with English support will be available!!!!!!!!!  English subtitles!!!  AND, also with an on/off  setting + full Japanese serif that I’ve soooooooo wanted!!!  Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  x 1,000,000!!!!! ♪───O(≧∇≦)O────♪ ♪───O(≧∇≦)O────♪ ♪───O(≧∇≦)O────♪ ♪───O(≧∇≦)O────♪ ♪───O(≧∇≦)O────♪ ♪───O(≧∇≦)O────♪ ♪───O(≧∇≦)O────♪

And!  That means I don’t have to translate the app now, right?  woo-hoo!!! (^o^ /
Seriously, how lazy can I get?  :p

Oh ….. oops…. after reading what I wrote before, I just realized I have shot myself on the foot, i.e. I’d be translating the CD instead?!?!?!!? (@o@;

(trying to think if I may have promised anyone… (o.O)

me (honeybunnymine)

P.S.  I took this from my iPad2.  With the iPhone app 2x’d on the iPad, the graphic is still as awesome as it can be.   Gorgeous!!  (except, WordPress crunched my image, I’ll figure out how to fix this later 😀  )

Yep!  I’m yet another girl with a thing for megane characters :p

Shuukan Soine CD 週刊添い寝CD iPhone app voice translation part1

So, let’s continue where it was left off…

Since each speech/line from the voice collection is not natively numbered,  I figured I’ll just begin by translating the first page of the voice collection of each character.  I got all 60 lines from Kakeru, heheh, well, he is vol. 1 and the first page <translation:  he’s my #1 and always on my first page), so I tapped more.  The other characters have received less taps because I’ve been lazy…
Like I mentioned before, the free app comes with a few lines.  You’d have to use the in-app purchase to unlock all.

Ok, here we go (assuming you have already read my 1st post about how to use the app, and you’ve landed on the 思出帳 (“Memory collection” which is the collection of voices of each character).
NOTE:  My translations will be more towards context than literal, because there are some words, phrases, meanings, that don’t have English equivalent.  I feel if I translate it literally, it might sound bland or cold.  Me, I want candies, lots of candies!!  (>o< /   [but not so much that may give me cavities => words too sweet that turn me off instead LOL]

Vol/01 翔 Kakeru (CV: 平川大輔 Hirakawa Daisuke)  Droooool…. (sorry! fangirl mode switch went haywire)

1.  I’m always…, right beside you.
2.  You’re being extra cuddly than usual today…  (甘えん坊 => I don’t like the term “spoiled” used to translate it since there’s no English equivalent, how should I translate this then, it’s more like  being sweet, cuddly, wanting attention in a cute way, blah blah…, mushy mushy, lovey-dovey, etc… so I guess, context wise I should translate as above instead of ” You’re being more spoiled than usual today.”
3.  Even with your eyes closed, you can still feel me / my presence / that I’m right next to you, right?
4.  Your hair gives out the same aroma as mine, …I wonder why… xD
5.  I’m truly happy everyday, …being able to be together with you…
6.  …good girl, good girl (I forgot what the context was, need to check with CD later)
7.  Today,  I’ll be beside you always even after you fall asleep…

Gosh, I want to translate them all at this point, no no no.  I’ll keep you guys on a cliffhanger (me = doh S)
If you haven’t already, you really should check out the CD version!  I really recommend it, I mean them.

Ok, next is Jin.  The super sexy deep voice that sends electric shocks.
Vol/02 仁 Jin (CV:  安元洋貴 Yasumoto Hiroki)

1.  I don’t want to leave you all by yourself while you’re having a hard time falling asleep.
2.  Let me see your cute sleeping face…
3.  Don’t be so far away, come closer here…
4.  Be close to me always…
5.  Want me to hold your hand?…
6.  ???????  (sorry, I need to keep tapping in order to get this line shown :p
7.  your cheeks… are so soft…  (I prefer “your face is so soft” though)

Hey, you know, I have to listen and translate the lines while typing.  Can you imagine my nose is bleeding like a waterfall now :p

Ok, next is squeeee
Vol/03 智哉 Tomoya (CV:  立花慎之介 Tachibana Shinnousuke)

1.  Crying because of a nightmare, …you’re such a little kid :p
2.  It’s fun seeing your expressions when you’re being teased 😀
3.  Your eyes are still open (clear) [i.e. you’re still wide awake], I see, I guess it looks like you won’t be falling asleep anytime soon…
4.  You have anything in mind?…
5.  You always worry about the strangest things…
6 and 7 need more tapping on the app 😀

Tomoya’s CD is also a must get.  Wait, what am I talking about?  No.  You must get all the 12 CDs!  You won’t regret it.  It’s only around 1500 yen each.  Though vol. 1-5 (I think) are out of the first pressing that comes with the voice actor’s free talks.  But I’m sure you can get it online somewhere.  Get them!  Show your support!  Maybe they’ll add more volumes with more different lovable voice actors!

*** I wrote all this in one shot, without proofreading anything.  So if you catch a mistake or something, feel free to comment.  I won’t bite.  (^_-)
OK…. enough for today.  To be continued ^_^ /

How to set/use 週刊添い寝CD iPhone App (Sleepy-Time Boyfriend / Shuukan Soine / Shukan Soine CD)

Please, no English subtitle on the ‘talk mode’!  Please!  It will KILL the app’s esthetics and beauty!  I want to see the characters clean image, not a whole bunch of letters (but if there’s a on/off mode, then it would be a perfect world :p )
After all, the characters are speaking in Japanese.  Of course, I know it would be nice for you to understand what they’re saying, but please don’t ruin the feedback rating simply because you don’t understand how to use it.

I’ll try my best to translate (when I have time) whatever it is that you’re having trouble understanding.

Assuming that you are reading this post because you need help using this app
週刊添い寝CD – Sleepy-Time Boyfriend iPhone App  (the characters pix look great on iPad too, click 2X for larger size in iPad)

Let’s cut down through the chase, assuming you already know about the Shuukan Soine CD Series… (google it if you don’t)

First, the main page of the app (this image is from the 6th character)

1.  Alarm clock settings

2.  this is the In-App purchase page, where you buy your favorite character’s voices, if you’re not satisfied with the free ones.  It’s $1.99 each, and the dev is already nice enough to use English to describe (as of 2012.01.27).  It used to be in Japanese.  (‘Usually, set1 are sweet talks, and set2 are more charming/seductive talks).  I say, buy them all (even if you already got the CDs) :p

3.  A record of what the character of choice (the character’s page that you are at the moment) has said.

4.  Official page (guess what, it’s not really, ‘official’, but rather the online shopping page from Animate.  ‘Buy the CDs if you love it so much that the app ain’t enough’ — type of thing 😀

OK, next, the Alarm setting:

Now, when you are at the types of alarm setting, this is what you see and can make your choices (I updated this part 2/14/12):

Once you’ve chosen which character you want to set (v1-v7 so far), you are presented with 2 (free) or 4 (2 more that came with the paid extra) choices of voice alarm settings to wake you up.  You can review your choice by pressing the review 視聴 to listen what you’ve chosen.

[[[ NOTE:   For the alarm to work, after you’ve set the time, you must turn the iPhone’s Auto-Lock to “Never” (you have an iPhone, so you do know that it’s under iPhone’s Setting’s ‘General’ section, don’t you; and make sure the iPhone is not on Silent mode), and have the app running on foreground and leave it on the character’s Talk mode page (where you see the clock, or the Sleepy mode page), this is important; otherwise, the alarm won’t sound.  That’s why the dev says to have the power adapter connected.
Dev is working on the alarm setting. Hopefully next update will make it easier.
For now, just remember to set the Auto-Lock on iPhone’s “Settings” back after you wake up, if you don’t want your iPhone run out of juice while unplugged. ]]]

Next, onto the character’s page.  I’ll continue later, but for now, exercise your ability to recognize the following Japanese characters 😀

Basically if you see “表紙へもどる” it means “Back to main page”.
喋る  =  Talk
添い寝  =  Sleepy time with 😀 (basically about to go to sleep with (note: not in the sexual way; how do I translate then?  “Sleep with… (wait…no)”; “Sleep next to…” (?) your choice 😀
<- もどる   =  Back

Characters (on iPhone app so far)
vol.1:  翔 Kakeru (CV. 平川大輔 Hirakawa Daisuke)
vol.2:  仁 Jin (CV. 安元洋貴 Yasumoto Hiroki)
vol.3:  智哉 Tomoya (CV. 立花慎之介 Tachibana Shinnousuke)
vol.4:  壮介 Sosuke (CV. 寺島拓篤 Terashima Takuma)
vol.5:  玲央 Reo (CV. 吉野裕行 Yoshino Hiroyuki)
vol.6:  和也 Kazuya (CV. 鳥海浩輔 Toriumi Kousuke)
vol.7:  誠 Sei (CV. 黒田崇矢 Takada Kuraya)

I’ll add images and explanations.  And attempt to translate what they’re saying (it’ll take a while since I’m very lazy busy) (and hopefully I can take so long to do it until the app gets a feature to show translations a la on/off mode).

So, I hope this helps for now.
The dev will add the rest of the characters in the series.  There are a total of 12.
Behave yourselves and be happy that it is made available for the iTunes App Store at all!  By the way, an Android version will be available soon too, according to the dev.

I might have to ask the dev if it’s possible to enumerate lines in the voice collection record section…as it may get quite confusing for you to figure out which is which.  There are 60 lines for each character (paid), and 7 lines per page, and you just gotta keep pressing the talk buttons to get them or it’d just have the “??????” shown there.

Again, the app is based on the CD Series.  So if anybody reading this have found another site where there are translations of the CDs, of if you have translated them yourselves, please let me know so we can share their/your links!  THANKS in advance ^_^